Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AdhesivePlayBoxPhysicsBasic play box physics
AlbumEnvironmentAlbum environment
AvatarAbstract class encapsulating player avatar
BasicPlayBoxGraphicsBasic play box graphics
BasicPlayBoxPhysicsBasic play box physics
BubbleBubble in the game
BubbleField"Glued-on" bubbles in the play field
BubbleField::CoordinatesClass that encapsulates coordinates used in BubbleField
BubbleField::FallingBubblesStorageStores Bubbles that are going to be removed because they were not connected with rear wall
BubbleField::isInvalidPositionFunctor that returns true if given position is outside BubbleField area
BubbleGeneratorBubble generator
Templates::CallableBack< T >Implementation of a "callable back" design pattern
ConvertA static class for conversions
CreateSceneParametersParameters for the SceneCreator::createScene() function
Templates::DefaultFactoryError< IdentifierType, AbstractProduct >Manages the "Unknown Type" error in an object factory
DifficultySettingsGame difficulty settings
EnvironmentGame environment (abstract class)
ExplosionBubble explosion effect
Templates::Factory< AbstractProduct, IdentifierType, ProductCreator, FactoryErrorPolicy >Implementation of a generic object factory
FadingExplosionFading explosion effect
FireExplosionFire explosion effect
GameConfigurationRaw game configuration
GUI::GameMenuGame menu
GraphicalNodeAbstract class providing binding to the OpenInventor
GUI::MainMenuMain menu
GUI::MainWindowMain window
ModelAvatarModel avatar
Templates::Observable< T >Implementation of a generic "typed" observer (observable part)
Templates::Observer< T >Implementation of a generic typed observer (observer part)
PathFunctionsVarious path functions
PlayBoxGraphicsGraphical properties of a play box (abstract class)
PlayBoxPhysicsGraphical properties of a play box (abstract class)
PlayFieldPlay field
RandomPlayBoxPhysicsRandom play box physics
GUI::RenderWindowRender window class. Makes interconnection between Qt and OI
SceneMain scene
SceneConfigurationScene configuration
SceneCreatorMain scene creator
Templates::Singleton< T >Implementation of a generic singleton
SnowmanAvatarSnowman avatar
SpaceEnvironmentSpace game environment
TextureGeneratorA static class for generation of various textures
TimeUpdateableInterface for time updateable classes
TunnelPlayBoxGraphicsTunnel play box graphics
WireEnvironmentWire game environment

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