IPP/ICP2007 Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
GUI::AgentsAppMain application class
GUI::AgentsFrameMain application frame
BaseConfigBase Config class
GUI::CanvasDraws and manipulate the matrix on the screen
GUI::Canvas::HoldingObjectKeeps info about current holding object (when moving objects on the scene)
ConfigMatrixConfig object for matrix
ConfigMatrix::ConfigCellConfiguration of a single cell on the matrix
ConfigProcessorConfigProcessor class
DefaultFactoryError< IdentifierType, AbstractProduct >Manages the "Unknown Type" error in an object factory
DirectionObject's direction
EditableInWindowConfigInterface for config that can be edited in a graphical window
GUI::EditationWindowApplicationApplication editation window
GUI::EditationWindowBaseBase editation window abstract class
GUI::EditationWindowCanvasCanvas/scene (simulation) editation window
GUI::EditationWindowObjectBasic object editation window
GUI::EditationWindowObjectAgentObjectAgent editation window
GUI::EditationWindowObjectFixedObjectFixed editation window
GUI::EditationWindowObjectTrailObjectTrail editation window
GUI::EditationWindowObjectTransferableObjectTransferable editation window
ExceptionBase exception class - all exceptions should be derived from this class
ExceptionBadDirectionIllegal direction of the Image/Object
ExceptionConfigConfig errors
ExceptionConfigBadActionConfig does not support this action
ExceptionConfigBadDataBad/invalid data in the config
ExceptionConfigBadFileBad format of the input configuration file
ExceptionConfigBadModeThis exception is thrown when you try to load configuration from ConfigProcessor that is currently in saving mode or vice versa
ExceptionConfigBadTypeBad type of config for the concrete object
ExceptionConfigMatrixNoCellsThere are no cells left in the config and you're trying to get one
ExceptionFactoryFactory - default factory exception
ExceptionFactoryObjectConfigsFactoryObjectConfigs errors
ExceptionFactoryObjectsFactoryObjects errors
ExceptionGUIGUI errors
ExceptionGUIImageImage errors
ExceptionInterpreterInterpreter errors
ExceptionInterpreterScriptError during behavior script execution
ExceptionMatrixMatrix errors
ExceptionMatrixInvalidSizeInvalid size of the matrix (width or height)
ExceptionMatrixOutOfRangeIndex is out of range
ExceptionMatrixUnexpectedObjectTypeUnexpected object type
ExceptionObjectObject errors
ExceptionObjectBadActionIllegal action called for the object
ExceptionUnknownUnknown error exception - use if and only if you are sure that there is no other solution (weird situations etc.)
Factory< AbstractProduct, IdentifierType, Initializator, ProductCreator, FactoryErrorPolicy >Implementation of a generic object factory
FactoryObjectConfigsDeclar::FactoryObjectConfigsError< IdentifierType, AbstractProduct >Manages the "Unknown Type" error in the FactoryObjectConfigs
FactoryObjectsDeclar::FactoryObjectsError< IdentifierType, AbstractProduct >Manages the "Unknown Type" error in the FactoryObjects
GUI::HelpWindowApplication help window
GUI::ImageImage that can be loaded/drawed
InterpreterAgent's behavior interpreter
MatrixIntermediary between GUI and the rest of the application
Matrix::CallSpecificMethodsFunctor - calls specific methods for the selected object
Matrix::ItemItem in the matrix array
Matrix::iteratorIterator is used to access the two-dimensional array in the Matrix class
Matrix::RemoveSpecificObjectsUnary predicate - returns true if the selected object should be removed
Matrix::SaveObjectIntoConfigFunctor - saves object into the matrix config
Matrix::SecondIndexHelp class for operator [] implementation
GUI::NewSimulationDialogDialog that will be shown int OnNewSimulation handler
ObjectBase object in the matrix
Object::ActionPossible object actions
Object::ConfigBase config object for the objects in the matrix
ObjectAgent::BehaviorAgent's behavior information
ObjectAgent::ConfigConfig object for agents in the matrix
ObjectFixedFixed position object
ObjectFixed::ConfigConfig object for fixed objects in the matrix
ObjectTrailTrail object
ObjectTrail::ConfigConfig object for trails in the matrix
ObjectTransferableTransferable object
ObjectTransferable::ConfigConfig object for transferable objects in the matrix
GUI::PaletteWindowPalette window
Singleton< T >Implementation of a generic singleton
GUI::ToolListPalette toollist

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