Serial-TCP/IPbridge  1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCauto_arrayLimited version of std::auto_ptr for dynamic arrays
oCBaseExceptionBase exception class for all project exceptions
oCConfigBase class for all configuration classes
|\CInvalidValueErrorThis exception should be thrown if some configuration value is invalid
oCConfigParserConfiguration parser
|\CParsingErrorThis exception is thrown if there is an error during parsing
oCConnectionAbstract class for all connection types
|oCConnectionClosedThis exception is thrown when trying to read or send a message while the connection is closed
|\CConnectionErrorThis exception is thrown in case of a connection related problem
oCSerialConfigConfiguration for a TCP/IP server
oCSerialConnectionSerial connection (via a serial port)
oCSharedBufferMessage buffer that can be used in separate threads
oCTCPIPConfigConfiguration for a TCP/IP server
oCTCPIPConnectionTCP/IP connection
oCTCPIPServerTCPIP server that accepts client connections
|\CTCPIPServerErrorThis exception is thrown in case of some server error
\CThreadingErrorException for threading errors reporting